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Free Standing Tunnel Greenhouse

You may often need more space or a protected area for plants outside the greenhouse production range. The free-standing tunnel is an efficient way to add more covered area of your operation.

Free standing tunnel greenhouse can be also used as a cold frame, heated growing greenhouse, propagation greenhouse, hardening off greenhouse.

Adopted clean transparent polyethylene film, the free-standing tunnel greenhouse allowing maximum UV light transmission, ensuring earlier harvest of better quality fruit and vegetables and more colourful flowers.

Basic Information

Cover Material: polyethylene film
Layer: recommend Double
Type: commercial greenhouse
Recommend Dimension: Length: 26.2'--32.8’; Height: around 6.6'


1. Excellent light transmission up to 94%
2. Improves crop quality by UV light transmission
3. High diffused grade eliminates shadows and enables more photosynthesis in every leaf
4. No breaking/splintering, high resistivity against tear propagation
5. Custom greenhouse systems, as irrigation, ventilation, heating and cooling, screens
6. Better controllable greenhouse environment